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2012 Nissan Patrol Super Safari an engine packed with power and agility for maneuvering

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Going off the road is sometimes a bit “turn off” if you’d ask most SUV owners. But here in the Philippines, off-roading is a way much more of a life, something like to be out in the world sometimes and spend it in your family, whether driving into the province or going into a long journey just to be out of ”modernity”. Going into such an adventure would require a 4×4 with a tough chassis, an engine packed with power and agility for maneuvering, and this all fits, ladies and gentlemen, to the new Nissan Patrol Super Safari. For decades, these characteristics have been running on the vehicle’s system. With visual uplifts and new technologies merged into the old school styling, the Super Safari 2012 is a perfect definition of “modern meeting traditional”.


[xyz-ihs snippet=”POSTADS”]The obvious angled strut front grille design exemplifies the strength and tough identities of all SUV among Nissan. Its highly effective halogen headlights provide ample illumination in low-light corner situations. The mirrors located on the doors of the Super Safari can be adjusted electronically and folded to narrow its width when caught in a tight situation. This reduces the damage of your car and other cars when in the parking area. Elegance is evident and is etched in details upon its door mirrors which complement its body color. Side step board was placed for ease in going in and out of the vehicle. A formidable appearance can be best described to the Nissan Patrol Super Safari with its 18 inch, 258/60R18 radial tires and an attractive alloy wheels. The big rear combination lamps give you confidence which serves as a signal device when making important swings.


The Nissan Patrol Super Safari Quickn2 claimed to be the only luxurious SUV and the first to possess the GPS Technology. The newly designed instrument panel gives the interior a strong contemporary appearance. Now you can stretch out to your limits in every way, as the seats have been designed to provide greater ease and comfort. It is fitted with power 8-way power seats adjustment with manual lumbar support for optimum driving convenience. Its audio system is way too impressive for a 4×4 to have. Conquer the road while you listen to the Patrol’s 2 DIN tuner, DVD, CD, MP3 compatible, USB port, Bluetooth functional and IPod connection. Enjoy yourself as you are surrounded by 6-speaker audio system, you have controls directly mounted on the steering wheel, making music at your fingertips. At the back of the seats are 7 inch monitor mounted at the backside for the rear passenger to pass boredom.

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The Nissan Patrol Super Safari 2012 is equipped with the ZD30DDTi engine, an advance hyper engine which offers all the benefits of diesel fuel economy. It has a displacement of 2,935 cc, a maximum power of 118hp/3,600 rpm, maximum torque of 354 kg-m/2,000 rpm. Its transmission type is electronically controlled by 4-speed A/T, a 3-link coil type front suspension and a rear suspension of 5-link coil type. Its front and rear brake system are ventilated disc brakes, with mechanical operated on propeller shaft when parking.


Back-up cameras with distance guidelines viewed on the stereo LCD monitor, also a camera mounted on the backdoor finisher. As aforementioned, it is equipped with electronically regulating brake fluid pressure on each wheel, which takes you control when in potential hazardous situation. It has dual SRS air bag which cushions immediately when an impact is detected, making sure the driver is safe, away from danger. Now here is where the Nissan is advanced in terms of safety, its exclusive Zone Body design gives significance to its safeness, with crushable zones that reduce shock by absorbing impact energy which safeguards occupants in the vehicle.

Words are not enough to describe this magnificent 4×4 by Nissan which retains the lost essence a true 4×4.

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